Life at Tir Heddwch a little visual tour of the day-to-day sights around Annie’s Land


Planting the Peace Wood: a visual record of the people, trees and effort that went into creating this new 9 acres of woodland and its 8,900 native trees

All the trees and fencing was completed by 31st March 2014


21 December 2013, Winter Solstice: a small ceremony to plant the first tree in the new woodland, Coed Heddwch, the Peace Wood


  1. Bright Blessings on Annie’s Land & on Coed Heddwch…. I’m celebrating your vision & enduring commitment! Love you xxxx Katy

  2. Beloved Anne, it looks glorious, and you are looking so well!! One day I’ll make it back over to see you and to spend some time with you in your peaceful haven.
    Huge love, Soul Sister … Sharron xo

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